beyond the production of high resolution images there is another visual space, another vision, a different understanding of what is visual. The ULTRASCHALL, one of Germany’s most renowned underground clubs has its own Club-TV:
a monthly electronic picture magazine by  
becker bergen broadcasting
peter becker, andreas bergen ao. - Media-artists from Munich - have been producing in the ULTRASCHALL under the label HIGH - FLYER
since the club was opened.
Every month a video-magazine, compiling video-, multi-media- and land-art, experimental super 8 films of different artists and news about the club, is published. it appears 30 times since 1996.
visuals are shown in the different areas of the club and they demonstrate the innovative and multi-faceted approach of its producers.
The electronic magazine is an extra outlet of the club, which is always open to new ideas.
What the initiators want is to present a visual experience that differs from the perfect three-dimensional animations which are now often associated with techno. They aim at presenting varied, aesthetically up-to-date imagery with the help of both, analogue and digital technology.

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