A transition area leads the visitor into the inner space. the function of architecture changes: the architecture of the outer space sets squares and streets and passes on its structure to the bigger space of landscape, in which you can rarely find clear spacial relations. the layout of inner spaces reduces the squares and streets to rooms and halls and creates a miniture-landscape. Windows and arcades open up the clear and defined dimensions of inner space and make contact with the outer space. images and projections of moving images function in a similar way and move the boundaries of architecture in virtual space.
The Ultraschall's transition area is a long, stretched rectangle. Many room-sized curtains partition off the area. On both ends beamers are hung from the ceiling, which compete and dissolve in projecting their moving images on the same canvas. On entering the scene the visitor has to make his way by drawing the projection-curtains and finds himself at every stage inside the electronic colour-spaces.

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