Work in the public sphere     Working with electronic media
A most important aspect in my work is the notion of interaction between audience and art rather than a static, mono-dimensional approach.

the narrow understanding of art has always offered enough stimulus to seek alternative spaces for presentation.
the innovative club for electronic music and media, the ULTRASCHALL, in Munich, provided a most inspiring platform for creative work - visuals, techno and club culture.

the club is pub, pleasure dome, forum for avantgarde experiments and presentations, a refuge - a concrete and mental space. it connects with dada, futurism and fluxus.
thinking and acting on the aesthetic quality of space is a trade mark of rave culture.
echno doesn't tell a story, but focuses on the body as the most important element in a chain of diverse communicative actions. dancing is at the core of club culture. the dissolution of a clearly marked area for dancing corresponds with the decentralised space. the extension of the dance floor blurs the boundaries between audience and performers. the musical choreography is supported by the environment.
light, stroboscopes, slide projectors and video installations produce a rhythmic and dynamic 3Dimage. raving changes the experience of space and time. different virtual and real layers of reality network and extend to ecstatic experiences.

Some quotes/thoughts taken from: G. Klein "electronic vibrations", zweitausendeins, 1999


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